How Strong Is Your Strategy For Crime Prevention

July 7th, 2022

A National Retail Security Survey carried out in 2017 yielded some surprising results for retail establishments. What it found was that over 35% of total inventory shrink could be attributed to shoplifting, showing how important it is for today’s businesses to pay close attention to their crime prevention strategy. For smaller businesses, in particular, this level of inventory shrinkage can be devastating, and a simple but effective crime prevention strategy put in place can make a world of difference in these Omaha, NE business’ success.


Tips For Stronger Shoplifting And Crime Prevention


Businesses of Omaha, NE may be wondering where they should start in their crime prevention strategy. Perhaps they didn’t have a specific crime prevention strategy put into place before, and the thought of implementing one now could seem daunting or overwhelming. A few tips for creating a stronger shoplifting and crime prevention strategy are:


  • Use your employees on the front line – When it comes to shoplifting and crime prevention, your employees are your most valuable assets. Employees should be trained on specific shoplifting “tells”, and things they can look for to determine if a customer is meandering suspiciously or simply having a look around. Appointing an employee to greet customers near the entrance or wish them a good day by the exit is another great idea, as this employee will be able to keep their eyes and ears open for potential shoplifting situations. Your employees should also be taught exactly what to do should they encounter a shoplifting situation.


  • Use technology to your advantage – The security technologies available in Omaha, NE today are unlike anything seen before. Remote monitoring, for instance, can allow business owners to keep tabs on their properties from anywhere in the world. In a retail setting, a business owner can check in with their retail business while at home, on vacation, or taking personal time doing anything at all. This allows them to not only keep watch for shoplifters but to make sure their employees are following the shoplifting protocols put into place.


  • Smart lighting – The lighting in your retail store also makes a huge difference in inventory shrinkage. Simply put, shoplifters do not wish to be caught, so they’re likely to sneak into darker or more secluded parts of a store to “stash” their goodies away before attempting to make their exit. Smart lighting allows you to control lighting in various areas of your property to ensure there are no dark spaces to use for hiding.


Keep Your Business Protected From Crime


Whether it’s shoplifting, burglaries, fraud, or any sort of crime, it’s important to keep your business protected. We know how devastating it can be for smaller businesses to suffer through just one instance of larger-scale crime, and how some of these businesses may never be able to fully recover at all. If you’re wondering what you can do to put an end to crime at your Omaha, NE business, contact us to learn more today.