In A Restaurant Or Bar, Put Your Security Cameras Here

July 18th, 2019

If you own a restaurant or a bar, a security camera system is essential for the safety of your business. Video surveillance can help you understand the behaviors of your customers and employees, and alert you to areas that need improvement. Too often, security cameras fail to pick up the incidents that can be critical to your business. This is typically due to improper placement of the cameras. To ensure that you’re getting full protection out of your surveillance system, make sure that cameras are placed in these five critical areas.   

At The Entrances And Exits 

Install a security camera at each doorway of your restaurant or bar. This will give you a clear picture of everyone who enters and exits the facility. Video surveillance in the waiting area can allow you to take note of peak activity hours so you can increase staff to cover busy times. At the back entrance, video surveillance can identify employees or thieves who use this area to steal items from the restaurant. 

In The Kitchen 

There are several reasons why video surveillance in your kitchen is important. Not only do security cameras help deter theft from occurring in the first place, they can help identify those who take the risk. Remember, your employees have access to:

  • Cash

  • Food 

  • Alcohol 

  • Equipment 

  • Supplies

Kitchen surveillance can help you monitor employee behavior to ensure that everyone is following safety protocols. This can assist with productivity. Most importantly, kitchen cameras give you the ability to monitor the staff to ensure that they are maintaining the high quality standards you set for your restaurant. 

Overlooking The Seating Areas 

Cameras in the bar area allow business owners to supervise staff from alternate locations to ensure policies are followed. Security cameras in the dining area can let staff know when a customer is finished with their meal or drinks. Cameras can keep track of bill payment, alerting you immediately if someone is leaving without paying the bill. 

Above The Cash Register

The cash register is often the first spot where business owners set up security cameras, and it’s the most critical to your surveillance success. This is the place where theft and fraud is most likely to occur, whether it’s an untrustworthy employee or a tempted customer. At SilverHammer, we provide high resolution cameras that can allow you to clearly identify the theft as well as the bills which they abscond with. 

Around The Parking Lot

You might not give it a second thought, but parking lots and walkways are ideal locations for security camera placement. Not only will these cameras help you catch a thief or vandal, they can provide assistance to customers who have had an accident or altercation on your property.  Cameras can provide extra safety to everyone who parks and walks to your restaurant. 

Are you ready to take your business security to the next level? Contact SilverHammer Surveillance for more information on video surveillance and camera installation today.