Security Strategies To Keep Your Business Safe

July 25th, 2019

Choosing a security system can be a difficult challenge for any business. Business owners are faced with multiple options from basic surveillance cameras packages to access control and monitoring systems to a fully staffed team of security guards. So it can be really difficult to determine which system is right for your unique business needs. However, if you understand the process, you can develop a security strategy that helps keep your business safe.

Assess Your Business Risks And Vulnerabilities

The first place to start is to do a full assessment of your business processes to identify where your risks lie. Start with the basics including:

  • Safety for your employees and customers

  • Protection of your inventory, equipment, and other access

  • Premises security and integrity

Every business has these security needs no matter the industry. So they act as a great starting point. Make a detailed list of all the business functions that need to be protected. From there, a professional security expert can go through these functions with you and help you identify where your vulnerabilities lie.

Determine The Level Of Security Your Business Requires

Every industry is different and so the level of security varies. Companies with high value assets like expensive equipment, intellectual property, and large amounts of protected data need high levels of security. While companies that don’t maintain an onsite inventory, have a small staff, and very little foot traffic often require less. Understanding your level of security will help you determine a cost benefit matrix that can help you define your budget and determine what tools and technologies to invest in.

Do Some Research Into The Available Technologies

Security technology has had some significant advancements in the last five years alone. Security systems are more than just hardwired cameras. Some of the most popular advancements in security technology include:

  • Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring uses a cloud based live streaming and storage system that allows you to access your surveillance footage from anywhere there is an internet connection.

  • Access Control: Access control has advanced significantly beyond keypads and magnetic cards. Nowadays access control can use biometric data, smartphone technology, and can provide you with analytic reports about the coming and goings of staff and customers.

  • Sensor Technology: Sensors can now be used to detection everything from motion to temperature changes to when protected areas are being accessed. Sensors can also interface with surveillance cameras to automatically turn, as well as, send you and your security team alerts when an incident occurs.

  • Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance cameras have become extremely advanced. You can get a range of features including high resolution, night vision, and automation.

These are just some of the technologies that are now available. The best part is that most of them are extremely affordable and can be fully integrated so they work together.

All of these strategies will help you begin to narrow down what security system your business needs. The professionals at SilverHammer Security can help. We will do a full assessment of your business and help determine your level of risk. From there we will custom-design and install an integrated system that uses the latest technologies available. With our expert help, you won’t be overwhelmed with choices, you’ll know exactly what system will keep your business safe.