Security Tips To Protect Your Business While It Is Closed

April 24th, 2020

In this unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19, many brick and mortar businesses are closing or reducing their hours to help reduce the spread of the virus. During this difficult time, tensions are extremely high and there are already reports of criminals taking advantage of this crisis. In fact, some places are already reporting increases in burglaries of 26%. In order to help protect your business during these critical times, here are some security tips that can help protect what you’ve built until you can reopen:

  1. Secure Your Most Valuable Assets

Whether your business has physical inventory, cash, or intellectual property, you need to make a plan to protect your most valuable assets. If possible, remove these assets and store them in a secure location until you can reopen and monitor them. If not, securely lock them up in a locked storage area or safe. If you don’t have these options, you can get creative and store them in unlikely places like the ceiling. The more barriers you put between your assets and a criminal, the less likely they are to steal them. 

  1. Limit Access

During this time, any non-essential employees’ access should be limited. You can do this by changing the security codes on your doors and alarms. You can also change the locks to use a different key. Though we do not like to think our trusted employees would ever do anything to harm our business, the fact of the matter is that employee crime costs American businesses nearly $50 Billion a year in losses. So it is best to do what you can to reduce your risk.

  1. Monitor The Property

Though we are all following social distancing and sheltering in place, you should still take the time to check in on your business. If you go to your business at different hours, any criminals casing your property will see you coming and going. This is a very effective deterrent because most criminals prefer targets where there are no people and thus, they are less likely to be caught. Make sure to not go at the same time every day and vary the number of times you go every day. The less you follow a routine, the better.

  1. Speak To Your Security Provider

With your business being closed, your security needs have changed. The best way to address these changes is to speak with a security professional who can make recommendations on how to best utilize your existing system to offer the most protection. They can also make recommendations for upgrades if you feel you need added protection during this time.

At SilverHammer Surveillance, we understand the security challenges we are all facing in this crisis. We are here any time you have questions or are looking for recommendations on how to keep your building safe. Just give us a call and we’ll be available to help however we can. Stay safe and together we will get through this difficult time.