Which Business Alarm Works Best For Your Company

August 1st, 2022

Modern security systems can come with all kinds of different features. You can choose from several camera brands and options, get an electronic lock that works with keycards, codes, or biometrics, and choose several sensor types that can trigger an alarm. But which kind of alarm would work best for your Omaha, NE company? There are several to choose from, and your best choice depends on your industry and your budget.

Silent Alarms

A silent alarm doesn’t create any sound or flashing lights at your location, but it will send a signal to a security office or the security company you’ve contracted. The security staff can then contact the police so they can quickly go to the business. Silent alarms are very hard for robbers or burglars to notice, which means they’re much more likely to be surprised and caught by the police instead of getting away. Banks often make use of panic buttons and silent alarms since they can be the target of robberies.

Audible Alarms

Instead of a silent alarm, you can get a system that makes a racket the moment someone trips it. Loud alarms can act as a kind of deterrent since burglars and robbers are usually nervous to begin with and will often run as soon as the alarm goes off. This kind of alarm also warns people in the building that something dangerous is happening and can get the attention of police officers who happen to be in the area. On the other hand, a loud alarm can also create a lot of stress and anxiety if it goes off accidentally.

Product Security Tags

Retail businesses have several options when it comes to security tags. The most common type is EAS, or electronic article surveillance. EAS tags placed on clothing and other expensive items are hard to remove without special tools and will trip a sensor by the door if someone tries to go through without removing it. Other product tags use RFID chips that are harder to find but also easy to remove, and some systems use product denial tags that spray ink on clothes or wipe electronics if someone tries to pry the tag off. 

Fire Alarms

Every business in Omaha, NE should have smoke detectors in the building, but a security system can offer several upgrades. Your company may want to install a sprinkler system, or maybe you need a more precise fire detector you can put in a restaurant kitchen. Security companies can also provide active monitoring for your fire system, which means they can alert the whole business as soon as the alarm goes off and contact the local fire department so they can send a truck over right away.

Depending on your business, a loud alarm or a silent alarm could be your best option. Either way, retail stores should protect their products with security tags and every business should get a strong fire alarm. To find out what your options are as a Omaha, NE company, contact a local security business today.