Learn About These Terms To Better Understand Home Automation

October 17th, 2019

The modern world is all about technology. Almost everyone seems to have a smartphone attached to the hip. People also have tablets and laptops readily available. Security systems assist homeowners in protecting their family members and valuables. Additionally, folks can turn their houses into smart homes.

What Exactly Is A Smart Home?

A smart home is a structure that has a home automation system that allows lights, appliances, HVAC units, TVs, security cameras, and more to communicate with each other. The devices can be operated from any room remotely. Then again, they can be controlled remotely from anywhere with the help of a smartphone, tablet, or the Internet. In other words, a person can be on a business trip and adjust his or her thermostat, turn lights on/off, or view video footage. 


Researchers suggest that by the year 2020, there will be approximately 50 billion connected devices being used. Why? Well, the items make the lives of citizens more convenient. They assist in making the home environment comfortable too. Home automation enhances security, as well. Plus, it promotes energy savings, and who couldn't stand to save some money on their light bill today?


Confusion Surrounding Home Automation Lingo

All kinds of people seem to be continually talking about home automation. There are many posts online discussing it too. However, a lot of individuals often become confused by the terms associated with the system. As such, this article is intended to clear some things up and eliminate some of that confusion. Several commonly used words that leave a person's brain feeling like it is going to explode include...

  • User Interface – In Layman's Terms, This Is The Device That An Individual Uses To Control A Machine Such As A Smartphone Or Keypad
  • Sensor – These Units Send Info To The Automation System About Water, Temperature, And Whatnot
  • Internet Of Things – Basically, This Term Deals With The Connecting Of Any Equipment With An On/Off Switch To The World Wide Web
  • Smart Grid – An Approach To Powering A Home With A Cost And Energy Saving Approach


Don't Go Away Just Yet As There Is Still More To Learn

Hopefully, the definitions above have given readers a better understanding of home automation jargon. However, there are still plenty of other words that can cause people trouble, like WiFi. It is a technology that uses radio frequencies to allow devices to communicate over a wireless signal. Not everyone is sure of what a router is either. This unit connects two or more networks and sends data between them.

Don't fret if you don't know what an OS is, as it is going to be defined here too. An operating system tells computers, tablets, and smartphones how to work. Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux are some of the more notable names of these programs. What in the world is a gateway? It enables the home automation system to communicate through the Internet. Those that still have questions should feel free to contact a professional security company to discuss these terms and others further.

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