What Does A Security System Protect For Residences

November 21st, 2019

Residents of any area might feel as though a security system is an intimidating investment. After all, they’ve never experienced a burglary in their neighborhood, so why do they need a security system to begin with? The unfortunate truth is that a burglary occurs in the United States every 22 seconds, and there’s no telling when that unfortunate reality may fall on your home. While your neighborhood may seem safe and secure, the reality is that burglars may target your property for that exact reason.

Even if the potential for burglary doesn’t sway a homeowner to look into the benefits of home security, these systems do a lot more for property owners than simply deter or catch burglars.

4 Unique Benefits Of A Security System

Protection is a security system’s main job, and there is a lot more to protect from than just burglaries. 4 unique benefits of a security system today include: 

  1. Protection from fraud Maybe you’ve taken some time to get to those fallen leaves and branches on your yard this fall, or maybe you have a sidewalk that could use some attention. A person looking to make a quick payday could see these “hazards” as an opportunity. Slip and fall fraud can cost property owners and their insurance companies thousands of dollars, and without a security system there is little way to prove that a lawsuit if fraudulent. If a person slips, falls, and get an injury on your property, your security system can help you to make sure their situation is legitimate. Your footage will tell the whole story, and can be used as evidence in court.
  2. Protection from natural disaster damage Today’s security systems can also protect homeowners from the damages caused by natural disasters. In some instances, an insurance company may try to write off damages one claims came from a storm, leaving homeowners scratching their heads as to how they’ll be able to have these repairs made. Your security camera system can show just what occurred without any room for argument.
  3. Protect family and pets With a home video security system, you can also keep watch on your family and pets whenever you feel the need to check in. Remote monitoring systems allow you to access your footage in real-time using a smartphone or computer application, so you can rest assured your loved ones are safe when you’re not around. 
  4. Protect your packages With the holiday shopping season fully underway, it’s a porch pirate’s favorite time of year. Security placed near your front door or porch can deter porch pirates from coming onto your property to have their fill of your holiday deliveries.

Protection In All Circumstances

Your security system can protect you not just from burglaries, but from a bevy of occurrences that may befall your property. If you’re interested in investing in a security system for your property, contact our professionals at Silverhammer Surveillance to see what we have in store for you today.