4 Alarm Systems Every Home Should Have

November 8th, 2019

Alarms are important. They let you know when an emergency is happening and will make sure you’re awake and ready to do something about it whether you like it or not. Every home in the United States comes equipped with smoke detectors that beep when a fire starts burning, but there are other systems besides this one that can improve the security of your home and the safety of your loved ones.

1. Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. This gas has no smell and no color, and if you breathe in too much it can replace the oxygen in your blood and cause you to grow weak and die. Carbon monoxide is most often produced by fires and car exhaust, but it can also get into your home if your furnace springs a leak or if the vent on your dryer gets blocked up. Since it’s so dangerous and there’s no way for humans to detect it, most homes today come with a carbon monoxide detector or two plugged into an outlet.

2. Flood Detector

Water can cause a significant amount of damage, both by weakening the foundation and wooden supports of the building and by allowing mold to grow out of control and fill your home’s air with its spores. In some cases, it’s not hard to notice when your basement floods, but sometimes the flooding will start slowly thanks to swelling groundwater, a leaky pipe, or a clogged drain. If these are likely problems in your home or in your area, it can be a big help to buy a flood or water leak detector for your basement or crawlspace.

3. Burglar Alarm 

Burglar alarms come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. The most basic is a contact sensor on the doors and windows that goes off when the contacts stop touching each other, but you can also get motion detectors you can turn on after everyone goes to bed and glass-break sensors that can hear when someone smashes a window. No matter which features you end up using, today’s burglar alarms are very easy to use thanks to secure phone apps that allow you to arm and disarm the system no matter where you happen to be.

4. Home Monitoring

Home monitoring adds a layer of protection to all the other alarm systems your home uses. When you get an integrated alarm system set up by a security company, they can provide home monitoring and call you if something sets off an alarm. This lets you react right away even if you’re in bed or out of town, and the security company can send the local authorities to your home if you don’t respond. 

Home alarms are an important part of your security system, and you can get sensors and detectors for all kinds of domestic dangers. With the right features and home monitoring, you can be much safer than you would be with just the basics. To learn more, you can contact SilverHammer Surveillance and discover the features we have to offer.