4 Basic Pointers About Home Security

August 23rd, 2019

Your home is an important place.  It’s supposed to be a safe place where you can relax and go to sleep without worrying about what you’ll see when you wake up.  It’s supposed to keep your belongings safe so you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing them while you’re away.  However, if you want this to be true you need to pay attention to your home’s built-in security measures and always remember to use them while you’re at home and while you’re out.  Here are a few important tips to get you started.

1. Use Your Locks

Too many people simply forget to lock their doors and latch their windows when they go out every day.  Others don’t believe that deadbolts and doorknob locks are enough to stop a determined burglar so they don’t bother.  However, not every burglar is determined to get inside a specific house.  Many of them will try every door on a block to see who keeps theirs locked and choose the home that’s easiest to enter.  A basic deadbolt won’t stop every burglar, but an unlocked door won’t stop any burglar.

2. Protect Your Garage

Many homeowners neglect their garage even though they keep valuable equipment in there, including their cars.  Maybe you leave the side door unlocked so you can get in quickly or you leave the main garage door open for long stretches.  Unfortunately, burglars looking for an easy grab (and even some neighbors with sticky fingers) will sometimes walk in and grab whatever they want.  This is especially dangerous if your garage connects directly to your home.

3. Always Look Present

Many burglars will wait for homeowners to go on vacation before they strike.  This is because they can take their time to find everything without worrying about the residents showing up.  The best way to keep this kind of burglar away is to make sure your home looks occupied even when it’s not.  Have someone pick up the mail for you or have the post office hold your mail while you’re gone, ask someone to mow your lawn if you’re gone for more than a week, and use timers to keep the lights burning while you’re gone.

4. Invest In Better Security

Stronger security systems have a better chance of deterring burglars and catching the ones who try to break in anyway.  These systems can include electronic locks with passcodes or biometric scanners, surveillance cameras that can spot intruders, and alarm systems that go off when someone opens a door or breaks a window.  Thanks to modern technology, a comprehensive security system is also easy to control with a secure smartphone app.

Home security is important, but you won’t get much from it unless you spend at least a little time and money putting that security into action.  At SilverHammer Surveillance, we’re happy to help homeowners and apartment tenants fix their places up with advanced and convenient security systems.  Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to make you and your home safer.