4 Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

March 20th, 2020

A home is where people go to feel free, secure, and safe. It’s not just a place to sleep after a hard day’s work; it’s also a place where some people raise a family and forge a life. We’re fortunate today to be living in a time when the crime rate has been dropping from past years, but that doesn’t mean that we can relax.

One of the reasons that crime is dropping is not just that fewer people choose to commit crimes, but improved security measures encourage them to do so. If you want your home to be part of this statistic of less crime, here are four ways to ensure you’re part of the pack.

Don’t Store Spare Keys Nearby

For people that still have doors using an old fashioned lock and key system, there’s always a temptation to keep a spare key hidden somewhere near and convenient. It’s a safe bet, unfortunately, that your perfect hidden spot is one that can easily be found with a little bit of diligence and process of elimination.

Hiding keys under rugs or a nearby potted plant is one way to increase your risk of a break-in with no forced entry required. Thieves can just use your key to let themselves in. If you want a spare key, keep it with a neighbor, not in a hiding spot.

Eliminate Foliage

Smarter thieves will carefully assess a home and its vulnerabilities before attempting a break-in. This usually involves observing a household, noting the movements of residents, and picking a time when people are less likely to be home. Of course, this means being able to watch a home without being noticed.

Bushes, hedges, and other large foliage are perfect vantage spots for this. Not only are they a good way for people to remain stationary without being seen, but this can also defeat even cameras.

Light The Area

Similar to foliage, shadows are another way for thieves to explore the area around a home at night without being seen. However, light, especially of the variety that is set off by motion detectors, is an excellent way to discourage people from prowling around the exterior of a home, testing doors and windows, or looking in to see if there are any valuables worth taking.

Get A Security System

Finally, a good security system, properly installed by experts to cover all the vulnerable areas, goes a long way towards deterring crime. An alarm system means that even in the event of a break-in, a response is just minutes away, minimizing how much time and how much loot thieves can get away with.

The presence of cameras is usually enough to deter most thieves since it makes their chances of success much riskier. With cameras, their exact time of entry is recorded, as well as identifying characteristics like clothes, height, and skin color. Surveillance footage can help police to make an arrest and can help lawyers to get a conviction.

If you’d like to know more about how you can make your home safer, we can help. Contact Silverhammer Surveillance and let us assess and reinforce the security of your property.