Effective Ways of Securing a Dorm Room

January 28th, 2020

When you send your child off to college, you want to make sure they are safe and protected when you can't be there with them. For this reason, you should look into some of the more effective ways of securing a dorm room to give your child and yourself some peace of mind.

Safety Tips

When in a college dorm room, it never hurts to make sure that friends and family are aware of the student's routine. The family should have a copy of their work and class schedules, so they have a general idea of where the student is in case something happens.

You should also make sure that your child gets in the habit of locking the door behind them when they get back to the dorm. They should know not to ever make a copy of their key and give it to another person. If the key gets lost, then the locks should be changed immediately.

When going to sleep, the door should never be left unlocked, even if it is to let a roommate back in. Everyone should have their own key on them at all times. All the windows should remain locked as well for even more security.

Safes for the Dorm Room

If the student has any valuables, then getting a small safe is a good way to store them and keep them safe. There are many safes you can purchase that fit easily into small and hidden spaces too.

Security Cameras

A security camera for the dorm room can also be effective. Since many of the security systems today are wireless, they are also more easily installed. There is no need for holes or any other wall damage to be done to accommodate wiring and cameras which is good for a dorm room.

The security cameras can monitor the dorm without anyone having to spend a lot of money on security. Before doing this, however, permission needs to be obtained by the roommates before the security cameras are installed.

Censor Social Media Posts

Another big way to secure a dorm room is by teaching your child to censor themselves on social media. Never share schedule information or detailed information about their whereabouts because this can alert a potential criminal that the dorm room will be empty at a certain time. This leaves the student more vulnerable to theft and even property damage.

Final Thoughts

When you send your child off to college, their safety is going to be the number one priority. Luckily, it doesn’t take much money or time to ensure that a dorm room and the students are safe and secure.

When using these safety tips and guidelines and combining them with a good security system, the dorm can become an incredibly safe space for studying, hanging out, sleeping, and building relationships while experiencing all of the other great things that college has to offer.

For more information on some other security solutions you can use to better secure a dorm room, contact the experts at SilverHammer Surveillance today.