Nip Theft In The Bud At Showings Or Open Houses In These Ways

October 10th, 2019

Many times, burglars prefer to strike between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm when people are less likely to be home. However, sometimes, criminals don't care whether family members are there or not. They will break-in anyway. As such, showings and open houses can prove to be the perfect events for them. After all, the door is already open, or the real estate agent lets the thief inside.

Unfortunately, these perpetrators are not always nice guys and gals. Instead, if they get caught in the act by the seller, a potential buyer, or the agent, things could turn ugly in a hurry. Some of the issues that persons may become subjected to in such cases include but are not limited to…


  • Verbal Confrontations
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Assault


Therefore, it is best to avoid the situations altogether whenever possible. Of course, that task is easier said than done, though. However, curious persons can read further to learn about some tips that may help them out with the feat.


Use Home Security Technology To Your Advantage

Yes, a security system is a selling point for homes. Still, that doesn't mean that pictures of the equipment need to be posted in the listing. Nor does it mean agents and sellers have to tell everybody where the cameras are located. Rather, that bit of information can be saved for the actual buyer.

Point cameras toward dressers, offices, medicine cabinets, and other places where thieves may look for valuables. Sometimes, visible outdoor cameras are enough to deter criminals. Yet, it is a good idea to double-check the locks on doors and windows after everybody leaves. This action will ensure that if somebody is planning on coming back later to steal goods, they will have to work to get inside. 

Expect People To Attempt Burglaries

Most human beings like to imagine the best of people. They give individuals the benefit of the doubt that they are good and have honorable intentions. Sadly, on occasion, that is not the case. So, sellers and real estate agents must think outside the box to eliminate situations.

One method is to remove triggers that thieves may be on the lookout for such as tools, computer equipment, and jewelry. Only throwing the items in a bottom drawer is not enough. They may need to be moved to a friend's house or storage facility until the seller buys a new home. This tactic will assure that nothing of value comes up missing.


Homeowners And Agents Should Work Together Cohesively

It can be both challenging and tricky to safeguard a house that's for sale. However, if the seller coordinates with his or her salesperson, they can come up with a plan to avoid theft. For example, persons will want to review crime rates for the area to discover whether criminal activity is likely to occur or not. It is also useful to collect identification at the door. The safety measure will be no problem for interested buyers, but burglars may react differently.


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