The Unique And Effective Ways To Deter Porch Pirates

November 12th, 2019

You see the displays in Omaha, NE stores, you hear the commercials on the television, and you know that the holiday season is upon us once again. 56% of holiday shoppers in 2019 plan to shop online for part or all of their holiday gifts, having packages delivered all throughout the holiday season. This time of year doesn’t just get families excited, but also thieves who know that this is the prime time of year for porch pirating.

Porch pirating has become a major issue as online shopping has grown to be commonplace in the last decade. A massive 11 million homeowners all across the United States admit to having at least 1 package stolen from their homes in the last year, some of which residing in Omaha, NE and some thefts occurring during the holiday season. In short, online shopping has created a whole new category of crime, and one that criminals take advantage of more and more each year. 

4 Ways To Deter Porch Pirates

If you plan to shop online this holiday season, having your packages delivered to your Omaha, NE home, there are things you can do to keep your property safe. 4 unique and effective ways to deter porch pirates from your home are:

1. Install a doorbell or security camera – Security cameras are effective, and that’s why they’re one of the most widely used security options in homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, and public places all across the United States. In short, security cameras work. Having a security camera installed on your porch, or investing in a doorbell security camera, can work to deter porch pirates and capture evidence of their crimes on tape should they carry out their crimes anyway.

2. Ask for a required signature – When you receive shipping notifications for your packages, many will give you the option to opt for a signature in order for your packages to be released. If you’re typically home when the mail arrives, you can opt for this service to ensure your package is released directly to you instead of left on your porch unattended.

3. Use a locked box or bag – In order to deter porch pirate crimes, some are using locked indestructible boxes or bags attached to their gate or door for their package drop-offs. Mail carriers are instructed to leave the packages in the box or bag, which they can then lock after the package has been dropped inside. Porch pirates cannot open the vessel, nor remove it from your door or porch.

4. Use motion detection lighting – During the fall and winter months, the sun begins to set much earlier than the rest of the year. This means that your packages may be left on your porch after nightfall, providing perfect cover for porch pirates to come in and out unnoticed. Motion detection lights ensures their presence will be noticed.

Having A Safe And Happy Holiday Season

Deterring porch pirates is part of ensuring your family has a safe and happy holiday season during the year 2019. If you’d like to learn more about methods you can use to keep porch pirates away from your space, contact us today.