Ways To Make Your Property Safer All The Way Around

February 7th, 2020

The world isn't always a warm and inviting place. Why? Well, some people fear going outside as there seem to be dangers lurking around every corner. After all, news stations regularly have stories featuring rapes, burglaries, murders, and more. While there may not be a whole lot people can do when it comes to safety away from home, various things can be done to make their properties safer and more secure.

The remainder of this article is going to focus on some of the measures that homeowners can take to accomplish the feat. Nobody should have to be scared at their own house. So, persons with safety concerns regarding their homes should stay right here and read on to learn more. With any luck, the advice will assist them in protecting themselves, along with their family members and assets. 

Think About Installing A 24/7 Monitored Burglar Alarm

A person's entire family can gain peace of mind when a monitored intrusion alarm is present. They can get a good night's sleep each and every night as they know the monitoring company has their backs. If someone decides to jimmy open a door or window, the organization will immediately detect the intrusion. Then, they will contact the police department and have them send over a unit to investigate promptly. Should the perpetrator happen to still be on the scene, the officers will apprehend and arrest them.

Brighten Up Your Yard With Motion-Activated Lights

Sure, most research indicates that the majority of burglaries take place between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. That period is when occupants are more likely to be gone for the day. Yet, that does not mean that the events can't occur at night. If a burglar believes an opportunity exists, he or she could just as easily break-in under cover of darkness.

Motion-activated lights might be just what the doctor ordered for alerting you and your neighbors to a trespasser. The bulbs will shine brightly upon detecting movement. If persons are awoken to a blinding light, they can check things out and contact the police to report a disturbance as necessary. 

Get Rid Of The Hidden Spare Key For Good

They make all sorts of products to hide a spare key outside. For example, fake rocks, yard ornaments, and more are available. Then again, some folks don't even put in that much effort when it comes to hiding a spare key. Rather, they might put the units under a doormat, inside a flowerpot, or in a barbecue pit. The problem with all of these options is that burglars know about them. As such, one of them could potentially find your key and gain entrance through the door with little to no effort at all.

Instead of giving burglars easy access, consider having keyless locks installed. Then, if you lock your keys inside the house or forget them at the office, you merely have to unlock the device with your smartphone or finger by entering a PIN. Make breaking and entering as challenging as possible for burglars with these devices. 

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