Megapixel Technology: Be Prepared

March 6th, 2018

Megapixel cameras in Omaha NE are a different animal than both standard IP and traditional analog cameras in Omaha NE. Here are some things to keep in mind:


High resolution video in Omaha NE requires a lot of bandwidth, so plan accordingly. However, megapixel cameras in Omaha NE will not take up more bandwidth than the combined analog camera requirements to capture the same resolution and field of view.

We recommend using megapixel camera technology to simply crop the unnecessary parts of captured field of view, and REDUCE the required network bandwidth.


Higher resolution and higher frame rates require more memory. However, hard drive capacity has greatly increased, costs have significantly reduced, and there are simple functions (such as motion detect, video overwrite, variable frame rate) to help you manage this requirement.

Our recommendation: don't skimp - get as much memory you can afford.


Megapixel cameras require additional lighting for surveillance during nighttime hours. Basically, if you can't see well in a given area at night, neither can the camera. For low light applications, we recommend augmenting your megapixel camera with a low light capable IP or CCD camera.


When buying a megapixel camera, purchase megapixel-ready lenses. Traditional lenses will work, but their optics will limit the resolution capabilities of the camera.