Five Key Considerations When Deciding Which Camera Is Right For Your Security System

April 18th, 2024

There are so many incredible surveillance system options on the market in Omaha, NE. When you are ready to have more security on your premises, there are a lot of factors to consider. Finding the right IP camera depends on your security needs. To help you get started in picking the perfect system for you, here are five key considerations to keep in mind.

1. What Is The Lighting Like In The Space?

Most IP cameras have very high resolution and can pick up surprising detail in low light spaces. However, if your IP camera will primarily be used in places that have low light or darkness like warehouses or parking garages, you may want to select a camera with a night vision lens. If it will be used in a well-lit space like inside a store, you will want to pick one designed for bright lights. If your IP camera will be used outdoors in both bright sunlight and nighttime, you’ll want one that has a dual function. Choosing a camera that performs well in the light of your environment will ensure you always capture high-quality images.

2. Will The Camera Be Used Outdoors in Omaha, NE?

If your IP camera is going to be used outdoors, you need to take into consideration the environmental factors. Changing temperatures, rain and snow, and strong winds can damage an IP camera not designed for outdoor use. You will need to select an outdoor IP camera designed to withstand the elements. Furthermore, since outdoor IP cameras are more expensive, it is not worth the cost to place them indoors. So if your IP camera will only be inside, you are better choosing one designed for indoor purposes.

3. Do You Need The Camera To Be Discreet?

If you are monitoring an area where you don’t want people to notice the IP cameras, you’ll want to choose units that can be installed discreetly. There are some models of IP cameras that are smaller than an AA battery. These are perfect for discreet monitoring. However, if you want people to see the cameras to act as a deterrence, you’ll want to choose a larger unit with an obvious presence.

4. Does The Camera Need To Move?

If you are monitoring a large area, you may want a camera that can move for a closer look at something suspicious. IP cameras offer a range of motion features such as tilting, panning, and zoom. However, cameras with these features are more expensive. If you are just monitoring a single spot, say a cash register or an entryway, these features are not necessary. So you can save money by choosing a fixed style camera. 

5. Do You Want Hardwired Or Wireless in Omaha, NE?

IP cameras can be hardwired or can transmit wirelessly. Hardwired IP cameras require a more expensive installation. With this extra cost, hardwired systems are typically only recommended for top of the line systems that monitor high-value spaces. Wireless cameras can work in smaller spaces with lower value items. Wireless cameras are also very easy to move, so they are great for temporary monitoring.

Factoring these considerations can help you find the ideal IP camera for your security needs. However, the best way to ensure you get the perfect IP camera is to work with a security expert. Our team will evaluate your security needs and help you select the right camera for you. Give us a call to learn more!